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The orientation week: what do you need to know?

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Let me tell you something first: congratulations on getting into University.

I know that starting university can be an overwhelming experience: new faces, new places, and probably for the first time in your life you have to choose what you want and how to do it. And that’s the point: now you’re on your own and ready to start. But are you?

That’s what the orientation week is for! This is an important part of the academic year. It is created and thought to support new students with their new University life and its features.Therefore, all the students should participate in the activities and collect all the information they can.

This kind of event can be scary and distressing. But don’t worry, we are here to support you with some simple tips to attend the orientation week at your best!

Be prepared for the activities

You will find out that the orientation week is packed with activities and information. But don’t worry, you can get through it if you organize carefully.

  1. Create a plan. You will have a weekly calendar with all the activities you can or must join. It is important to prepare and check at the beginning of the day what activities you will join, when you can get some rest, etc.
  2. Prepare to be comfortable. You will have long days in front of you, grab a nice chair if you are online, and put some water nearby. Remember to use the pauses between activities to stretch and take a deep breath.  
  3. Take notes. You will receive a lot of information during these days, and some of them are vital, some others can be useful just for someone. For sure, you will never remember them all! Take with you a notebook and a pen to note down the important things.

Remember that you are not alone

You will probably see a lot of new faces, meet new people, and this can be frightening. Remind yourself that most of the students you see around are freshmen like you. What does it mean? That probably they are as terrified as you are! So, don’t be shy and try to create some bonds. Talk with others and share with them your experience. It will be a great chance to develop new connections. For example, you can use your nerves to bring up some small chats! 

Leave your comfort zone

There will be moments where you will be asked to participate actively, or you will have a chance to connect with others. Do not panic! It’s your time to shine, or at least to enjoy the moment at your best. If you feel comfortable enough, do it. Of course, don’t push yourself too much, but a little effort is needed. You will not regret it.

Join some clubs or extra activities

Remember that university life is not only studying and sleeping. You will need some moments to relax and enjoy your time. And the best chance you can have is to join some of the students’ activities on campus. You will probably find an activity you always wanted to try or something you are good at. Not only, joining these activities at the beginning of your academic career will help you find new friends and people you can share your experiences with. And this is priceless.

Ask questions

For the tons of information, you will receive, for sure there will be something you need to know and will be not discussed. Be ready for this scenario. Write down all the questions you have, take some time before the week starts to note down at least 5 pieces of information you need to know and check if you get them during the activities. There will be some Q&A sessions during the week.

Make a Map

You will learn a lot about the services offered at VNUK. We are a big family, and all the families have many rooms and spaces for different needs. Try to create a virtual map of the primary offices: where can you get information? Where can you get support if you have problems? Where can you find solutions to administrative issues? Where can you learn how to improve your skills? You will find answers to these questions during the week. Remember to use your notes to make it clear. It will be a great tool for your future studies!

I hope these will be helpful tips you can apply to enjoy and bring home the maximum from this experience. This week is all about you! We planned a lot of entertaining and inspiring activities. This is your chance to get to know your new university, meet new people, interact with faculty and become acquainted with the campus that will be your family for the next few years. 

If you have any questions or want to discuss some difficulty you are facing, do not hesitate to contact the Counseling Services Office! 

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