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The Global Culture course is designed to develop the students ability to adapt to a variety of cultures in a global community. The students will explore the significance of cultures and the changing global environment, broaden perspective and develop skills necessary to thrive and survive as a student or professional in a global environment. The course project involves planning, budgeting, organizing and executing a Global Festival for the local community. Students will develop their flexibility and adaptability skills in order to manage disruption in their planning and execution of the project.

Overall Course Objective:  Develop flexibility, adaptability, critical thinking, cultural awareness, and other skills needed to live and travel abroad with competence and confidence.

a. identify differences in and within cultures
b. apply adaptability and / flexibility to given situations
c. use diversity as an asset to a team or project and confidently and thoroughly reflect on that experience
d. determine the reliability of a given source and value of information
e. plan, budget, organize and execute an event
f. take various perspectives on global issues
g. identify and react to potentially detrimental situations or conditions
h. think critically and creatively to solve problems and answer questions

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