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In this course our students will improve their capabilities to communicate in a diverse global community. They will build their capacities to be an effective and active participant in both an international education and a professional environment. Awareness, confidence, active listening,
understanding and empathy are key skills necessary for communication and in this course these skills will be taught, demonstrated and practiced. In relationships of all kinds trust is key to success so during this course we will demonstrate strategies for gaining and maintaining trust including asking appropriate, meaningful and relevant questions, confirming a persons
communication and being responsible and accountable for our words and actions.

Overall Course Objective: Students are able to communicate appropriately and effectively in both an academic and professional setting.
a. Verbal Communication: Able to ask and answer questions cohesively, coherently and accurately. Be an active listener and communicator in different situations.

b. Use a variety of verbal and non-verbal skills in the appropriate situations including eye contact, facial expressions, space, posture, tones and sounds.
c. Able to confidently and cordially participate in interactions with individuals, groups or audiences.
d. Communicate effectively using formal emails as well as interpret written information, language and tone in order to respond appropriately.
e. Demonstrate an ability to prepare, design and deliver informative talks and presentations with authority and competence, using audio and visual aids. Present and summarize a range of information, ideas, concepts and perspectives from a variety of sources coherently.
f. Develop teamwork skills, attitude and mind-set.
g. Confidently and coherently interview and be interviewed.

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