Academic Skills

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This course is designed to develop the student’s foundation for their academic experience by connecting and cultivating inquisitiveness as well as thinking critically about a given topic. It provides students with the tools necessary to ask critical questions, research and extract effectively and reference accordingly. In Academic Skills students develop their capabilities to acquire knowledge and then demonstrate that knowledge by developing their note taking, writing, active listening and reading skills.

Overall Course Objective:  Advance the student’s capability to perform necessary academic skills in a university setting while cultivating inquisitiveness and expanding their capacity to think critically.

a. Perform adequately in a lecture through active listening and note-taking.
b. Think critically, form perspective and connect experiences, ideas and information in order to be an effective learner and thinker.
c. Critically read a text and identify key points, facts and perspectives.
d. Identify relevant and credible information and then accurately reference the researched material in footnotes and a bibliography using the Harvard referencing format.
e. Effectively plan and write a persuasive essay.
f. Develop confidence in researching and writing academically.

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