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If you are applying to college for the first time, you may have questions about the admission process. It’s important to complete your application and submit materials on time; below are some helpful tips for getting started and what you may need to submit.

Narrow Down Your List of Schools

Before you begin the application process, consider the colleges and universities you will apply to. As you narrow down your list of options, important things to consider can include: size, location, clubs and activities offered, research opportunities, housing, academic programs, and any other qualities that are important to you. Visiting a university is one of the best ways to see if it is a good fit for you. Schools tend to offer many opportunities to experience campus so that you can picture yourself there. Learn more about options for visiting Drexel.

Complete Standardized Testing

Standardized test scores are typically a requirement for incoming first-year students. Make sure you choose the test that works best for you; applicants have a few options according to Drexel’s Test Flexible Policy. Be sure to submit all of your scores when you’ve taken a test multiple times so that we can consider your highest section scores across all test dates. Transfer students should note that we require standardized test scores if you are applying to Drexel with fewer than 24 credits.

Submit Official Transcripts

In most cases, colleges and universities like to view official transcripts from any high schools or colleges that applicants have attended. Colleges carefully review your academic accomplishments, grades, GPA, and the rigor of your coursework. International applicants may also have additional materials (ie: external exams) to submit, depending on their secondary school experience. At Drexel, transfer students are required to submit transcripts from any college or university they attended. Besides standardized test scores and transcripts, review the other application materials you need to complete if applying to Drexel.

Know Which Application to Complete

While there are a variety of application options, Drexel uses the Common Application for both first-year and transfer applicants, and the Coalition Application for first-year applicants only. These applications allow you to submit one application and choose to have it sent to multiple schools. Additionally, some universities, like Drexel, may require an additional writing supplement or portfolio for certain programs of study. View your application options when applying to Drexel.

Write Your College Essay

Most applications require a personal essay. Essay topics may vary, but the purpose is to tell the admissions committee more about yourself — something that they would not know after reviewing your other documents and that your application wouldn’t be complete without.

Many essay prompts have a suggested word count, and it is important to take these requirements into consideration while writing. It may be helpful to have your college or school counselor, teacher, or another trusted adult read your writing before you submit it. Review what else you need to submit along with your Drexel application.

Request Letters of Recommendation

Many applications require at least one letter of recommendation from a professional who can comment on your past work ethic, leadership, character, and strengths. This could be a teacher from your high school or even a college or school counselor. Transfer students are not required to submit letters of recommendation to Drexel, but are welcome to do so. View more about letters of recommendation and other application requirements

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