1. Philosophy

Students at all ages are in different stages of mental, physical, psychological and social development which makes each student unique.

– We strongly believe that each student is the center of their own learning and that it is our tremendous responsibility to foster growth by clearly transferring knowledge as well as guide in the development of their character and skills so that the student has the very best chance of success as the move to the next stage of life. 

– We are committed to continuous improvement as individuals and as a team. 

– We believe in the use of action research and student feedback to guide our ongoing improvement.

The Foundation programme teaching methodology at VNUK is innovative in that it combines technology with modern teaching methods that includes cooperative learning, critical thinking, and personal development that is based on research from developmental psychology. We focus on the development of the individual in each lesson, which engages the students in relative and interesting content and learning experiences. Our entire team is continuously exposed to as well as encouraged to cultivate a growth and global mindset. Each teacher is trained to be capable of understanding and inspiring students in a world transformation.

The Foundation programme at VNUK is integrative in a similar way to both Great Britain and the US in that we combine English language, soft skills, self-development and core subjects in their major during the first year. 

  1. Approach:  
  • Student – centered: We know our students as deeply as we can:

– Earn their trust and expect to do the same

– Organize and transfer knowledge clearly

– Inspire them to learn and be accountable

– Give meaningful feedback keeping the individual student in mind

– Be an example of connecting and extending learning guide them in that skill acquisition

– Train the student to be a good learner 

– Build confidence through positive reinforcement

– Assist students to develop their individual learning strategies 

– Take into account the variety of learning styles of the students and incorporate delivery methods that cover the span of learning styles 

– Teach concepts and confirm their understanding

– Make the lessons active and participatory

– Create an environment that is collaborative, open and inclusive

  1. Method: A Variety of 21st Century Methodologies

– cooperative based learning

– project-based

– cognitive based, critical thinking, problem solving

– experiential learning

– technology-based

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