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VN-UK students should be well-equipped with genuine hands-on experience by working in a professional business environment to get used to confronting real-world problems.
VNUK hence presents our students with unique opportunities to develop their professional identity and confidence thanks to their unrivaled experience through our Industry Placement Program as part of their degree.

“The expert at anything was once a beginner.

- Helen Hayes -

“Phu portrays many good characteristics of good work ethics such as: realiability, dedication to the job, cooperation and teamwork, self-discipline. With growth of knowledge, skills and experiences over the time, she will be successful in her future career.”

– Ms. Ngo To Giao – ‘Senior Operation Specialist, Sun World Holding’ written for Ngo Le Nguyet Phu – IBM Sophomore Student in 2019

“After the past 2 months, Minh Long has achieved most of the criteria that we could expect from a trainee. He can effectively communicate with all of the guests by presenting menu, taking the orders as well as receiving the feedback after their meals. On the behalf of F&B Department, I appreciated his contribution and effort.”

– Ms. Tran Vy Minh Thi – ‘Assistant F&B Manager, Premier Village Danang Resort’ written for Nguyen Minh Long – IBM freshman Student in 2019 

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