Personal Development Planning (PDP)

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The programme aims to promote an understanding of the principles of legislative and an awareness of what constitutes legislative quality, how this can be achieved.

Legislative drafting is often perceived as a skill that one learns on the job.
Legislative drafting has evolved to become the bedrock of political, economic and social transformation. The view of the Institute’s Sir William Doe Centre for Legislative Studies is that legislative drafting is a practical discipline requiring awareness of the principles of drafting along with great experience on the job. It is still, however, relatively unexplored as a discipline. The PLP examines issues related to the policy process, the legislative process and the drafting process.

The PLP is aimed at those seeking a career in legislative drafting, those already working as drafters or those who want a career in or already working for, organizations that produce different types of normative acts. Many of our students are mid-career drafters employed by government (for example, by LG Chambers, the Ministry of Justice or any other ministries).

Overall Course Objective

Take a step towards becoming a professional learner that maximizes
the experiences of learning through awareness, critical thinking, creativity, and a variety of
additional skills. At the same time grow as a socially responsible, emotionally intelligent and
positive character within our VNUK community and beyond.

a. Develop relationship skills including values that are adhered to, behaviors that condone
collaboration, and the skills necessary to function effectively and efficiently in a professional and
education setting.
b. Experience learning through awareness of self and develop a capability to see the picture
whatever it may be without judgment.
c. Develop strategies and capabilities to manage stress and balance emotions, including the
ability to be flexible and adaptable.
d. Create, build and improve on an action plan for he future.
e. Develop responsibility to self, family and society.