Duong Cat Tien, MSc - VNUK

Duong Cat Tien, MSc

Officer, Researcher


  • MSc., Analytical Chemistry, Hue University of Science, 2016.
  • BSc, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, the University of Danang, University of Science and Education, 2013.


  • Nguyen Hai Phong, Mai Thi Thanh, Duong Cat Tien, Mai Xuan Tinh, Nguyen Phi Hung, Dinh Quang Khieu (2016), Zeolite Imidazole Framework-ZIF-8: Synthesis and Voltammetric Determination of Lead Ion Using Modified Electrode Based on ZIF-8, VNU Journal of Science: Natural Sciences and Technology, Vol.32, No.3, (198-206)
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