Global Culture Festival – VNUK’s explosive Festival

VNUK British Culture Festival every year is upgraded to VNUK Global Culture Festival 2019 which brings together many different cultures around the world!

Without beyond the expectations of all VNUKers and event participants, on April 21st, 2019, VNUK Global Culture Festival was officially organized with a completely different version. This new version has given attendees a colorful cultural festival from dozens of cultures around the world including the United Kingdom, Mexico, Korea, Thailand, Japan, France, Italy, Turkey, Australia, India, Greece, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Russia, the Netherlands; impressive music performances of International bands from America, Africa, the workshop of creative art, VR experience, fire dancing and interactions with foreign community in local.

Did you know: Global Culture Festival is an activity within the subject of VNUK first-year students?

In the educational development orientation, VNUK Institute for Research and Executive Education always focus on training students with English communication skills, teamwork skills, presentation skills, etc. Therefore, first-year students at VNUK will be focused on improving the skills of life and work needed before going into specialized subjects.

VNUK Global Culture Festival is part of Global Culture subject taught by Andrew Smith. This course offers students many opportunities to improve their foreign language level, at the same time to familiarize themselves with many diversified cultures, training critical thinking and organizational thinking. By exploring new ideas, students will develop the ability to cultural adaptation and awareness. This is one of the major skills entering a new culture when traveling abroad, studying abroad and working in a multicultural environment.

When participating in the event, first-year students will be divided into groups and in charge of each booth corresponding with many different cultures. This is also an opportunity for you to come up with ideas and discuss together to organize a booth with all of your creativity.

Global Culture Festival – Colorful Cultural Exchange

Originated from a subject and transformed into Global Culture Festival VNUK 2019, the event attracted a huge number of participants, particularly many international friends living in Danang.

Attending the festival, attendees experience a series of exciting activities:

  • Enjoying extraordinary music from the American, African and International bands

  • An entertaining acrobat performance with juggling and tricks on a wire from Henry Sun;

  • Admiring incredible Poi fire dance performances

  • Eye-opening with Creative art project from The Workshop and enjoying unique international cuisine

  • Immersing themselves in the “Western-style”, communicating and making friends with people from different cultures.

  • An afternoon tea party with British style. Tea, cakes, and flowers carrying manners and attitude of royal

Global Culture Festival – more than the value of an event

VNUK Institute for Research and Executive Education, the University of Danang, the international public university was established under a cooperation agreement between the governments of Vietnam and the United Kingdom. VNUK pays special attention to developing soft skills and career skills for students. Through annual activities such as Picnic welcoming new students, Halloween Festivals, Christmas Party Prom Night, Make a change weekend, etc. VNUK students have a lot of opportunities to practice many skills for the work environment later.

VNUK Global Culture Festival 2019 will be one of the annual activities creating an identity for VNUK. In addition to this program, VNUK Institute for Research and Executive Education promises to bring more exciting activities to help students develop integrity in both knowledge and soft skills, creating cohesion in VNUK students’ lives.

See more pictures of the festival HERE.


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