Exchange session with experts at Danang Start-up Nursery – DNES

On May 15, 2019, VNUK students in International Business and Management had an exchange session with leading experts at Da Nang Start-up Incubator – DNES.

Da Nang Business Incubator (DNES) is an innovation platform that helps early-stage start-ups grow their businesses. Located in Danang, a young vibrant city on the beach, DNES offers a unique ecosystem for start-ups. This eco-system consists of resources, connections, inspirations, and a dynamic community.

At the exchange session, the students have the honour of receiving guidance and talk from the representative of the Incubator. Specifically, students have met the Deputy General Director of the Nursery – Mr. Dung Ho, and one of the founding members of Simi application – Tram Anh. The sharing brought many interesting stories about the start-up process as well as lessons about business in the new era.

Visiting and listening to the business is an organized activity that regularly integrates into the knowledge subjects for students of VNUK.

Activities not only help students visit the company but also have the opportunity to access and grasp the actual recruitment needs of businesses. Through many practical sessions, VNUK students are equipped with the necessary professional knowledge and skills and interact with the experienced senior employee.


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