The field trip of VNUK’s students at Danalog Company – A trip full of valuable lessons

On April 25th 2019, VNUK Institute for Research and Executive Education, the University of Danang organized a field trip at Logistic JSC – DANALOG  for students of International Business and Management (IBM)

In the curriculum of International Business and Management students at VNUK, It is very crucial to observe and learn from enterprises. Students will gain novelty vision of knowledge that has been learned from class and acquire more lessons which are not performed in notebooks. Additionally, practical experience also brings students confidence in their field of study, helping them to integrate faster in the working environment in the future.

For that reason, within the teaching framework of the two extremely important majors of the fourth-year which are Supply Chain Management taught by Mr. Anthony Evans and Import – Export taught Mrs. Duong Hanh Tien, the students of IBM class had the opportunity to visit Da Nang JSC – Danalog. The visit was organized with the aims at helping students have a better understand the business procedure of a transport company, from which apply lessons related to import and export activities of goods and products delivery to places such as companies, factories, enterprises, etc.

The process of learning and listening to experience helps students have the honor to receive enthusiastic guidance from representatives of the company. Specifically, they have met the Director of Danalog Company – Mr. Tran Phuoc Hong and Ms. Duong Thuy Duyen – Deputy Manager of Sales and Marketing Department.

The students also had the chance to listen to the information about the operation of the company, to visit the CFS store and discuss with Mrs. Duyen about related knowledge. Particularly, the meeting with Mr. Tran Phuoc Hong gave them more interesting information about the transport industry, thanks to his friendly and enthusiastic teaching. VNUK students also asked questions showing the interests in many different aspects of the company from operating the system to managing human resources, and competition market, etc.

Through the trip to Danalog, IBM students gain for them a wide range of useful practical knowledge, supporting in learning process and helping them to orient their future career.

Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh, a fourth-year student of IBM shared: “I feel that the trip was very rewarding and worthwhile. Indeed, studying in the class is never enough until you come directly to factories and witness what it like to import goods and what the process is. Moreover, we have also answered the questions involved in our majors and listened to real sharing and experiences that the company has encountered. After that trip, I was eye-opening about many things and I believe that the knowledge that this trip brings will very useful for those who have a career orientation in this transport industry.”  

Field trip at the enterprise for VNUK students is one of the major specialized extracurricular activities in the training content of the program to connect theories and practices. The field trip is carried out at a different time in four years of studying, having a firm and systematic connection with other specialized activities.

Through extracurricular activities, VNUK wants to motivate students to establish career concepts and orientations, creating opportunities for students to build the network and develop business ideas. At the same time, it also creates human resources to meet the social needs with full of soft skills and practical knowledge, improving the ability to find internship opportunities and jobs for students.

Some photos at the field trip at Danalog Company of VNUK’s students

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