The transfer programme helps VNUK students have opportunities to study at partner universities overseas in either a 2+2 or 3+1. This is a popular option as it enables students to be well-prepared during their study at VNUK, reduce the cost of studying, and pursue a qualification abroad.

Aston University (United Kingdom)

VNUK’s main partner is UK top 30, Aston University, a unit supported by the British Council in supporting VNUK’s development.

  • Aston has a renowned global reputation with its Business School, with the school receiving triple accreditation – AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB. Only 1% of all business schools worldwide have achieved this.
  • Aston University has also been rated 5 stars by Global Rating for the following criteria: Quality of Teaching, Employment Opportunities, Innovation, Facilities and Comprehensiveness (investment in scholarship and international students).
  • Aston’s Business and Management programmes continuously rank amongst the highest in the UK, alongside Aston’s Computer Science programme – ranking 9th out of 102 UK universities.

VNUK is proud to be partnered with Aston University. VNUK students will highly benefit from a transfer to Aston to not only improve their employability prospects but their confidence and worldwide understanding.

IBM Transfer

  • 2+2: 2 years at VNUK and 2 years at Aston; earning a degree from Aston
  • 3+1: 3 years at VNUK and 1 year at Aston; earning a degree from Aston
  • Eligibility to enroll in the Aston programmes:
    • a transcript of the successfully completed study at the relevant VNUK programme level with a GPA of 7.0 and above;
    • an acceptable academic reference letter from VNUK;
    • a copy of an English Language qualification equivalent to an IELTS score of 6.5 overall, with a minimum score of 6.0 in writing, speaking, listening and reading; or TOEFL score of 93 overall, with a minimum score of 18 in reading.
  • Fees:

International students can decide to study for one year with the tuition fee 15,250 GBP. Students who choose to study business at Aston for 2+2 or 3+1 programme will be decreased by 10% tuition fee per year.  For more information, please visit the link below: http://www.aston.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/courses/abs/aston-business-school/business-management/

CSE Transfer

    • 3+1: 3 years at VNUK and 1 year at Aston; earning a degree from Aston
    • Eligibility to enroll in the Aston programme:
      • a copy of the original award granted to the students for the relevant VNUK programme (optional);
      • a copy of the students’ academic profile with an average of C marks or over;
      • an acceptable academic reference from VNUK;
      • a copy of an English language qualification equivalent to an IELTS score of 6.0 overall, with a minimum score of 5.5 in speaking, listening and reading, 6.0 or above in writing; or TOEFL score of 80 overall.
  • Fees:

CSE- BSc Computer Science: 16,350 GBP/year

Students who transferred to Aston from VNUK will be decreased by 10% first tuition fee for one transferred year. If these articulation students continue their Master degree study at Aston, they will be treated as Aston Alumni and entitled to get 20% discount on tuition fee. Moreover, any VNUK students are entitled to get a 10% tuition fee discount for their Master degree study at Aston even if they haven’t studied at Aston before.

For more information, please visit the link: http://www.aston.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/courses/eas/bsc-computer-science/

  • How to apply: please contact our VNUK Research and International Office for more details.
  • Deadline for application: before 28th of May, 2019.

Heriot-Watt University (United Kingdom)

Heriot-Watt University is one of the oldest universities in the UK, being founded in 1821. The school is internationally renowned for teaching and practicing and leading research projects.

  • Heriot-Watt has a community of over 31,000 students from more than 150 countries around the world.
  • QS World University Rankings has ranked Heriot-Watt within the top 10 in the world for their international students.
  • 95% of Heriot-Watt students are in graduate-level jobs, or further study within 6 months of completing their degree.

We are thrilled to partner with Heriot-Watt, allowing our students to study across the world in any of their three campuses: Edinburgh (UK), Dubai or Malaysia. You can look around Heriot-Watt campuses with their virtual online tour: https://www.hw.ac.uk/uk/meet-us/virtual-tours.htm

IBM Transfer

  • Our VNUK IBM students will have the choice to transfer with:
    • 2+2: 2 years at VNUK and 2 years at any Heriot-Watt campus; earning a degree from Heriot-Watt
    • 3+1: 3 years at VNUK and 1 year at any Heriot-Watt campus; earning a degree from Heriot-Watt
  • Eligibility to enroll in the programmes:
    • a copy of an English language qualification equivalent to an IELTS score of 6.0 overall.
    • a transcript of the successfully completed study at the relevant VNUK programme level with a GPA of 7.0 and above.
    • Please visit the link below for more information: https://search.hw.ac.uk/s/search.html?collection=courses.
  • Fees for international students in 2019: 
Edinburgh, UK £14,640
Malaysia £7,327 (RM 39,596)
Dubai £11,859 (AED 56,700)

The University of Hull (United Kingdom)

As England’s 14th-oldest university, the University of Hull (Hull) has a proud heritage of academic excellence and life-changing research.

Hull welcomes more than 1,300 international students from over 100 countries to the beautiful and friendly campus.

Hull invested £200 million in a world-class library, a super health campus, a state-of-the-art concert hall, on-campus student accommodation and new sports facilities.

Hull earned a Silver Award in the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework and were rated a top 50 university for research power in the most recent national assessment (REF 2014).

Over 96% of students go into work or further study within six months of graduating, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency.


  • Best value for money – Hull is the most affordable city for students in the UK
  • Employability – 97.9% of international students at Hull progress into work or further study six months after graduating
  • Teaching Excellence – Awarded Silver in the Teaching Excellence Framework 2018
  • Accommodation guarantee – You will have a place in an accommodation that is owned, managed or directed by the University in your first year in Hull

For more information, please visit this link:  https://www.hull.ac.uk/index.aspx

IBM Transfer

    • Our VNUK IBM students will have the choice to transfer with:
      • 2+2: 2 years at VNUK and 2 years at Hull, earning a degree from Hull
      • 3+1: 3 years at VNUK and 1 year at Hull, earning a degree from Hull
    • Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science (BSc) International Business and Management programme at VNUK could come to Hull for various Business programmes.
    • Hull University Business School website: https://www.hull.ac.uk/faculties/fblp/hubs.aspx
  • About Business and Accounting at Hull
    • Hull Business School is a Double Accredited institution that blends international research with industrial knowledge. We major in Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Business Management Programmes. Hull specialises in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, featuring an internationally recognised Logistics Institute for Research.
    • Hull University Business School’s expertise is illustrated by its facilities, international research staff and accreditations, including the AACSB & AMBA – which puts it in the top 5% of Business Programmes in the World.
  • Entry requirements:

2+2:  completion of 2 years of study at VNUK (min. GPA 2.5) and IELTS 6.0. 2+2 students could be eligible for a Placement Year as well, if they pass their first year at Hull (year 2 of the whole course). 

 3+1: completion of 3 years at VNUK (min. GPA 2.5) and IELTS 6.0.

  • Fees: The fees for the Business programmes are £14,000 per year. VNUK students will also get a £2,000 discount and an additional £1,000 studentship, bringing it down to £11,000.

CSE Transfer

  • Our VNUK CSE students will have the choice to transfer with 1+3: 1 year at VNUK and 3 years at the University of Hull and earning a degree from the University of Hull.
  • School of Engineering and Computer Science website: https://www.hull.ac.uk/faculties/fse/ecs.aspx
  • CSE Students may choose the following programmes:
    • Computer Science
    • Computer Science Software Engineering
    • Computer Science (with teacher training)
    • Computer Science with Games Development
  • Entry requirements: The 1+3 requires bot the completion of year 1 of studies in the Computer Science and Engineering programme at VNUK (min. 55% overall pass) and IELTS 6.0 (with no element less than 5.5) or equivalent score in an alternative approved by the University of Hull.
  • Fees: 

The fees for the Science programmes are £16,600 per year. VNUK students will be get a £2,500 discount and an additional £1,000 studentship. Hence, the fee for 2019/20 intake will go down to £13,100.

  • Other Fees:
    • Accommodation

Hull has a wide range of University accommodation, with options to suit all budgets. International students who apply by September 1st are guaranteed a room in accommodation that is owned, in partnership, managed or directed by the University.

More information: https://www.hull.ac.uk/choose-hull/student-life/accommodation/accommodation.aspx

  • Daily Living

The city was named the most affordable in the UK in Natwest’s Student Living Index 2018, and students can read more about living costs here: https://www.hull.ac.uk/choose-hull/student-life/why-choose-hull/why-choose-hull.aspx

For reference:

Type of expense GBP per 4 weeks
Accommodation (bills included) Between £300 and £720
Essential expenses

(food, mobile phone, transport)

Approximately £224

(sports membership, shopping, entertainment)

Approximately £300
  • Nomination and Application Deadlines / Required Documents
    • IBM students need to be nominated to Hull through VNUK at the beginning of November, and close at the end of February. It would be possible to accept later nominations to assist any students who express an interest at a later stage.

CSE students are nominated up to the end of April. Hull could accept international applications up to the beginning of August at the latest without affecting the students’ induction activities.

  • Students need to provide the coordinator at the VNUK Research and

International Office with basic contact information:  First Name, Last Name,

Email Address, the course to which they want to progress on, and their date of birth.

o    Once nominated, Hull will send the students an application form that they should complete and submit as soon as possible. This will allow students to receive a Conditional Offer of Study and begin reserving their accommodation.

o    Students need to provide a copy of their passport, English Language Certificate and academic transcript, but these documents can be submitted at a later date. If students who have not achieved a 6.0 IELTS, so they can take part in the pre-sessional English programmes that run from May through August. Further information on: https://www.hull.ac.uk/study/other-courses/english-as-a-foreign-language.aspx.

CESINE Design and Business School (Spain)

Founded in 1993, CESINE Design and Business school (CESINE) is an entrepreneurial university, advanced and very international. This institution has a teaching experience of nearly twenty-five years and it is considered one of the top three universities in Spain.

CESINE has obtained the QS Stars, a prestigious international educational accreditation, which makes us the second university institution in Spain that achieves this seal of quality.

CESINE stands out as one of the main higher education institutions in Spain for its excellence in innovation and learning technologies, being recognized all their degrees and postgraduate courses in their respective fields by prestigious national and international organizations.

Application Details:

  • The duration of the programme can last for 1 semester, or 2 semesters (1 academic year).
  • This programme is open to only VNUK International Business Administration major.
  • CESINE can accept 30 students per year, however, if VNUK would need more space, please inform in advance in order to confirm.

Important Dates:

  Winter semester Spring semester
Application deadline 20th July 20th  November
Semester date 14th September – 22sd December 24th January – 25th May

Entry requirements:

Before applying for this programme, students should get at least an IELTS score (5.5) or equivalent. If students do not have an official certificate, CESINE can make the student a level of English test in order to confirm.

VNUK business students have opportunities to gain a CESINE a Bachelor or a Certificate on the following areas:

– For the Bachelor of International Business Management: students need to spend at least two years’ university studies.

– For the Certificate of International Business Management or Certificate of Global Business Management/International Marketing: students need to complete at least one semester at VNUK.

About tuition fee:

Bachelor of International Business Management: the tuition fee is 5.990 Euro/year for ONE academic year.

Certificate of International Business Management (30 ECTS): the tuition fee is 2.250 Euro/year for ONE semester (September to December or January to May). If they study one semester, they will get 30 ECTS credits that can be transferred back to the home university.

Certificate of Global Business Environment or International Marketing (60 ECTS): the tuition fee is 4.500 Euro/year for ONE academic year because students will combine classes and seminars with guarantee internships. If the student takes one year to get the Certificate, the student will have 60 ECTS credits that can be transferred back to the home university. This certificate is up to 6 months and the salary is between 200-600 Euros/month

Cost of living: Housing fee is between 17 – 300 Euros per month. Study materials are free. Food should be 150 Euros per month.


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