Provisional Agenda for Summer Study Tour for Catholic University of Daegu, South Korea

We first ran our study tour in 2015, with our freshmen students. We hope to run this tour annually, as our students enjoyed it so much! Please see below our provisional proposal for the 2017 programme.

Tentative action date:

From 15th July 2017 To 30th July, 2017 (2 weeks) Or

From 31th July 2017 To 14th August 2017 (2 weeks)


Number of students: ~ 20

Number of VNUK Staffs: 2

In Total: 22

Programme Outline:


Main contents Provisional Activities in Details
Short Course –   Short lectures in fields of business, entrepreneurship, biomedical science, computer science, etc.

–   Korean language lecture for beginners.

–   Lectures in Korean and East Asian studies.

Industrial Visiting Visiting to some famous Korean industrial companies: Samsung, Pohang steel, Hyundai, LG, KBS, MBC..
Cultural experiences in Korea –  Hanbuk, Korean folk songs, Korean foods, K-Pop stars

–  Visiting cities tours: Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Kangwon, Incheon…

–  Visiting to well-known Korean historical and cultural destinations

Programme Costs:

Expenditures for the summer study tour in Daegu, Korea:
1. Round trip airfare (expected) 250 USD
2. Visa costs 50 USD
3. Lunch, study and business visiting fee 840 USD
Total (excluding breakfast and dinner) 1140 USD


Catholic University of Daegu, Korea


The history of Catholic University of Daegu(CU) begins in 1914. CU is the largest Catholic University in Korea. It has about 14,500 students. CU is founded on the principles of Christianity and defines itself and all its programs through this Christ-centered spirit. Now, it moves into the 21st century with that same spirit and a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

CU plans to establish education centers abroad to fulfill its goals on globalization. Throughout the long history of CU, the university has provided students with a dedicated, energetic faculty and quality programs. The highest priority for the CU faculty is to continually improve the teaching and learning process. The faculty members are active in academic and scientific research and publication, community service and campus life.

While CU name represents the tenants of Catholicism, the university welcome people of all cultures and creeds to CU with a promise to serve, with best efforts, those who desire to seek educational truth with sincerity.

CU emphasis on leadership illustrates that:

  • CU is a comprehensive university, it produces leaders who have been provided a broad, liberal education that is closely linked to career and professional preparation.
  • CU provides graduates with rigorous academic programs and skills to prepare them for satisfying and profitable careers.
  • CU has international and multicultural presence that enhances the educational opportunities of its students.
  • CU is strategically located in the Daegu metropolitan area, which allows learning to be extended beyond the campus through internships, work programs and a variety of fascinating public events.


Registration Details

Registration deadline: From April 25 to May 05, 2017
Deadline for submission of costs:
– Installment 1: $ 500 – before 17:00, May 12, 2017
– Installment 2: $ 640 – before 17:00, June 02, 2017
Contact address for registration and payment: International Cooperation Office, 3rd floor of VNUK building
Ms. Thu Hoang: thu.hoang@vnuk.edu.vn, 0905 664 964
Ms. Thu Doan: thu.doan@vnuk.edu.vn, 0937 919 606


Below are some photos from the Study Tour of VNUK students Cohort 2015 to Catholic University of Daegu (CU) July 10-21, 2016.


Hãy đặt câu hỏi cho chúng tôi