If anyone asks me about VNUK, I can only say, there is a place worth to dream! Why? 
There are many reasons for which you can’t miss the opportunity to study in this place, such as learning environment, international study abroad opportunities, routed through college for Original in England, the high opportunity to receive scholarship, exchanges and industry engagement with entrepreneurs.
VNUK is not only a field of education, it is where we change to become better people, more professional people. 
Before I was a very quiet, and not so talkative and if I said I have to take part in something, then I will refuse immediately! But when I studied at VNUK, I had to deal with a very dynamic learning environment
 In Class, I don’t have to study too much theory or laboring writing cards all day. Instead, I have group discussions, presentations, or being creative, even dancing and doing many activities. I even participated in challenges such as starting a small business, helping me learn so much more than inside a classroom! 
A year on in my VNUK experience, and I feel confident and motivated. I am in high spirits to become successful and mark my name in a global profession. I hope the next years at VNUK will be good, and I know I will remember them forever. 
 Hanh Nguyen

Sinh viên năm 2 ngành IBM


You can learn  knowledge in many other colleges, but what I learn at VNUK, I will cherish. I have changed how I think, my behaviour, and attitude. 
You don’t just learn English, you study in an international context. Sounds like a challenge? 
VNUK make it easy!
P / s: I’ve reached 7.5 IELTS AFTER 1 years studying at VNUK and have much experience that will not be forgotten: participating and planning real big events at VNUK- and getting a lot of responsibility so young!
Quynh Nguyen

Sinh viên năm 2 ngành IBM


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