As a student of VNUK life will never be dull! From clubs that expand and improve your English such as ‘Tea Time Talk’ and ‘VNUK Socrates’ to events such as ‘Make a Change Weekend’, ‘British Culture Festival’ and our yearly ‘Halloween’ and ‘Christmas’ parties there are plenty of opportunities to be involved in.


Kieu, a first year BMS student from Nha Trang tells us what it’s like to be a student at VN-UK

“I first decided to apply for VN-UK after I had seen photo’s and videos of the school on their fan page and had a desire to find out more. I applied to VN-UK with the belief that I would gain the most memorable experiences and a promising future. I attended the open days, wrote my personal statement and completed an interview for an acceptation, and after that I am now a VNUK student.

Every morning I review my schedule by checking my emails, which is really necessary for a busy day at VNUK with lectures, tutorials and outdoor activities. As a first year student in an international environment with high English commands, I try my best to progress well with my English and complete assignments in the best possible way. The VN-UK facilities allow me to study in the self-study rooms and the facilities really benefit my needs. The foundation year at VN-UK has allowed me to develop my soft skills which are an important factor in order to maintain high standards for my future career, so I am always active and dynamic with organizing events that VN-UK have on offer in order to experience practical situations. It is so amazing to work together with friendly and talented friends, who work together on VN-UK related events. As students we have contributed to planning and creating a Halloween party, Make A Change Weekend and business project for raising money for orphans. We also help to create activities for our weekl English club which are always fun to attend. More significantly, we are a VNUK family with a large connection and close relationships, which is greatest thing to me who live alone in a new city but I am not lonely because members of VNUK family stand by me.”


If you would like to find out more about student life at VN-UK have a look at our blog: https://myvnukblog.wordpress.com



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