Steven G Carbon

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Work place:
Lecturer at Vietnam-UK Research and Training Institute.
0122 745 8985
      • Bachelor of Arts In Psychology Saint Norbert College, Wisconsin, USA, 1989; 2011 UEC Bangkok, Thailand, TEFL Certificate For Teachers
        My undergraduate education included both pre-medicine and psychology. The purpose of the pre-medicine curriculum was to prepare for medical school. It provided the opportunity to study math and science at higher levels. I have also completed eight of ten courses required for a Master of Science for International Educators from Buffalo State University, New York, USA.
    • September 2017- Current VNUK, Da Nang, Vietnam
      Lecturer, IELTS Trainer and English Centre Director
      – prepare, provide and empower learning for PDP, Communications, EAP and IELTS
      – assess, implement and cultivate improvement strategies with students
      – design and provide engaging lectures for Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior
      – build and execute a business plan for the English Centre at VNUK
      – develop and provide seminars for CV writing, pronunciation, teamwork and career planning.


    • May 2015 – August 2017 Colorado Mountain Vacations, Colorado, USA
      Business Consultant
      – developed a business plan in conjunction with company owner
      – identified and implemented operations improvement strategies
      – trained management team and provide guidance on identifying strengths and weaknesses
      – assessed future impact of technology on the market and resulting strategies to maintain market leadership.
    • September 2014 – May 2015 Reliable English Solutions, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
      IELTS Preparation Teacher
      – prepared and provided IELTS lessons for all levels and skills
      – provided pronunciation seminars for all students
      – assessed the development of students toward their goals.
    • August 2014 – May 2015 EIV, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
      Primary ESL Teacher
      – prepared and provided English speaking lessons to grade 1 through grade 5
      – provided improvement assessment for English skills
      – managed classroom and individual progress.
    • December 2013 – May 2014 International School Of Business Ho Chi Minh City
      EAP and IELTS Preparation Teacher
      – designed and provided ESL lessons to university students pursuing an international education
      – assessed students and implemented improvement strategies
      – prepared students for IELTS exam.
    • August 2012 – December 2013, Phoenix Education, Hue, Vietnam
      International School Teacher, ESL Program Director and Teacher
      – prepared and provided lessons for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade math
      – prepared and provided lessons for 4th and 8th grade humanities
      – designed and provided ESL lessons to students ages 3-18
      – assessed students and implemented improvement strategies
      – communicated with parents about children’s assessment and improvement strategies.
      – coordinated and developed administration, teachers, curriculum and marketing for the school.
    • October 2011 – May 2011 Fatima Centre, Bangkok, Thailand
      Volunteer Teacher
      – developed syllabus for “Rome Project”, empowering women from poverty to success
      – designed and provided English lessons designed to build process, procedures and job descriptions for their organization while acquiring their English skills
    • 1997 – May 2011 KAS Custom Cleaning LLC, Wisconsin, USA
      President and Founder
      – built a business from ground up attaining $3,650,000 in annual sales by May 2011.
      – empowered, trained and mentored staff and managers to reach high levels in quality and management within our company, trained more than 500 employees
      – established positions in medical, manufacturing, professional and institutional building services that included, Kikkoman Foods International, Aptar Group, Poly One, Mercy Health Systems and Walworth County, Wisconsin, USA.
      – implemented components of ISO 9001 and Kaizen into the organizations operations and human resources


    • 1994 – 1996, Printpack Inc, Georgia, USA
      Global Accounts Manager
      – managed the technical and sales portion of relationships with Nestle Foods, one of the largest Food companies in the world. Sales to Nestle Foods exceeded 60 million annually.
      – led and managed process and production improvements for the flexible packaging industry that are still the standard today
      – provided technical support for the three major candy producers in North America and others that used cold seal technology
      – established as a leading professional worldwide in cold seal packaging technology.
    • 1989 – 1994, Findley Adhesives, Wisconsin, USA
      Global Accounts Manager
      – managed product development, project management and sales for the largest flexible packaging suppliers in the world at that time, Printpack Inc. and Bemis Company Inc.
      – developed market position with world leaders and manufacturers of medical devices including Beiersdorf and Johnson and Johnson
      – provided Findley Adhesives a global market understanding and strategic global approach for uses of our packaging niche
      – led a team of four companies on a process improvement project that increased the line speed of packaging candy bars by 25 percent while decreasing quality concerns at Hershey Foods Inc., Nestle Foods, M&M Mars and other major candy producers



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