Tea Time Talk

With the purpose of creating a friendly environment hosted by Aston University students from the UK, this VN-UK sponsored English club is the place to connect with people who share the same passion of learning and developing their English skills.

What can you gain from taking part in Tea Time Talk?

  1. Enjoy a friendly environment with a native speaker
  2. Improve pronunciations skills in order to communicate fluently
  3. Motivation to learn English
  4. Vocabulary building through discussions based on interesting topics
  5. The chance to explore English culture
  6. New friends
  7. Opportunities to enhance soft skills through group works, presentations etc.

Tea Time Talk is hosted every Wednesday from 4pm – 5:30pm and promises fun filled sessions of games, activities and most importantly the English language. Every week focuses on a different topic in order to keep the sessions fun and active whilst also aiming to improve your vocabulary. With students from all over Da Nang attending this free English club is the perfect way to practice your skills with foreign speaking hosts

Students from all over Da Nang are welcome at our English club

The topics are specifically chosen in order to improve your vocabulary as well as giving you an insight to British culture

Not only does Tea Time Talk allow you to practice your English, you also get to meet new friends and have lots of fun!


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