Shannon Ahrndt profile



  • Education

    • Master of Arts, Department of Communication, May 2005
      University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
      Graduate GPA 3.9/4.0 Emphasis: Interpersonal Communication
    • Bachelor of Arts, Department of Communication, May 2000
      University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
    • Bachelor of Arts, Department of Psychology, May 2000
      University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
      Undergraduate GPA 3.77/4.0 Magna Cum Laude
  • Experience

    • March 2009-February 2016, Teaching Professor
    • March 2012-June 2014, Speaking Course Coordinator, College English Program, Department of English Language & Literature, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
    • March 2007-February 2009, Instructor/Teaching and Learning Advisor, Journalism & Communications department & Center for Teaching and Learning, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, South Korea
    • November 2005-November 2006, English Instructor, YBM ECC, Seoul, South Korea
    • January 2005-October 2005, General Subjects Tutor, Club Z Tutoring, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A
    • August 2003-July 2005, Lecturer/Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Communication, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
  • Research Interests

  • Research Projects

  • Publications

    • Ahrndt, Shannon, Salcedo, Raymond, & Lloyd, Katherine. (2015). Integrating Authentic English Interaction in Advanced English Content Based Courses. KOTESOL Proceedings 2014 (In press).
    • Song, Mi-Jeong & Ahrndt, Shannon. (2010). Incorporating instant messaging and video conferencing in content-based college English classrooms: A joint-course model. Foreign Languages Education, 17(3), 171-196.
    • Kim, Jong-Bok & Ahrndt, Shannon. (2009). Teaching Tips for TTE (Teaching Through English) Classes. Seoul: Dongin Press.


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