Research at VNUK Institute for Research and Executive Education

Founded with the aim of building a world-class research-oriented public university, hence at VNUK, priority is given to researches in natural and social sciences and technology. These research activities take great advantages of best practices and strong network between VNUK and leading universities in the UK.

VNUK focus on developing multidisciplinary researches, using advanced knowledge and facilities in Vietnam and worldwide, in order to solve practical problems in Vietnam and ASEAN region, and contribute to common understanding of humanity. Furthermore, strong research capacity lays the foundation that attracts outstanding scientists to come and work for VNUK. Research activities also play an important role in setting up and maintaining strong networks between VNUK and businesses in Vietnam and the UK in training and R&D.

UK-ASEAN Research Hub was established through the funding from VNUK and Aston University to create an inspirational research community between Vietnam, the UK and countries in ASEAN region in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, Biomedical Science, International Business and Management.

In 2016, at VNUK, 11 research groups have been formed by Vietnamese and foreign researchers. These produced 8 articles published by international journals, 7 national articles and 2 national conference papers. Besides, VNUK researchers have submitted 1 patent application and achieve 1 ministerial research project within the year.

Exploiting close international co-operation, VNUK developed 3 collaborating research projects with universities in the UK funded by British Council and 2 collaborating projects currently waiting for approval by Newton Fund.

Additionally, cooperation with the industry to implement research goals at VNUK was highly valued. In 2015, VNUK and Da Nang Hi-Tech Park signed a comprehensive memorandum of cooperation in R&D and training high quality human resource. In 2016, VNUK signed cooperation agreements with School of Medicine and Pharmacy, The University of Danang and with R&D Center of Danapha Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, marking an important first step for further cooperation between VNUK and the industry.

List of Collaborating Research Projects conducted in 2016:

No. Project Introduction Partners Fund

(in million VND)

1 Setting up an Entrepreneurship Hub at VNUK Institute for Research and Executive Education Developing VNUK Entrepreneurship Training Programme

Establishing networks between universities and industry in Vietnam and the UK to foster entrepreneurship

Aston Universtiy, British Council 936 30/06/2015- 01/03/2016
2 Enhancing the quality of PhD Training – Pratice and Experience in Vietnam and the UK An investigation into present circumstances of PhD training at The University of Danang and in Vietnam in general.

Proposal of new policies and schemes to improve the quality of PhD training, based on experiences from the UK

Aston Universtiy, British Council 459 30/11/2015- 01/06/2016
3 Governing Boards of Higher Education Institutions in Vietnam and The UK A surrey on the role of University Council/Governing Boards of Higher Education Institutions in Vietnam and the UK

Suggestion of new models and policies of governing boards to enhance operational efficiency

University of Southampton, British Council 298 30/01/2016- 01/09/2016


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