The world has been changing constantly. Borders between countries are vanishing and globalization increasingly affects the way people live and work. In the last three decades, globalisation and technological development have brought unprecedented flows of goods, services and capital between nations. Word trade is progressively important, foreign direct investment is enhanced, and the pressure of competition between industries and businesses tends to be more intense. Therefore, businesses must have different strategies in different markets. Large multinational corporations are greatly influenced by international partners. Smaller businesses are more independent and have started penetrating the international market. All businesses are demanding managers that have a global vision and solid knowledge and skills in marketing and economics. These managers are required to speak the local and international languages, to have excellent communication skills and understand cultural difference in international business. For Vietnamese enterprises, this need is now greater than ever.

Therefore, the BSc International Business Management programme at VNUK is developed in response to a growing need for the managers of tomorrow to have a broader understanding of International Business issues. The programme is ideal for those with a global outlook and international aspirations. The BSC International Business course will provide students with an insight into the fields of business and management in an international context and provide an educational experience that stimulates the global stance required to face the challenges of a globalised business environment. Specifically, offering modules to develop both your core business management knowledge and a more specialist, specific understanding of the international aspects of the subject. Accordingly, students will be well prepared to work in a global environment for international and multinational corporates.

Key features of the programme

• Practical programme

The strong connection between VNUK and the industry will ensure students a high opportunity for employment after graduation. The degree will equip students with the conceptual and analytical means for understanding business and management. Throughout the program, students will participate in several emulation programmes, case studies and real projects that get students involved in the learning process and real-world environment. VNUK will regularly organise actual tours to businesses and invite guest speakers from a wide range of organisations. These activities provide a real insight into business life. In short, practical approach will always be focused and enhanced during the programme to enable students to keep pace with the ever-changing world of business so they are not left behind in their career when new practices or innovations are introduced.

• Personal development planning

In addition to developing students academically, the programme aims to provide students with the professional, practical and transferable skills they need for entering the working world. This is done through a range of projects and activities throughout the degree such as effective teamwork, leadership, presentation skills, time management and communication skills. Students will enhance their ability to communicate their ideas and to take responsibility for their personal development. These abilities will also prove invaluable once they enter the world of employment. VNUK will organise extracurricular activities, such as business plan competition, students clubs, or volunteer activities to further support student’s skills.

• Work placement programme

Good work experience is highly sought after by employers and can really set students apart from the competition when applying for jobs. It is important for students to put what they have learnt in the classroom into practice before they start their professional career. Because of this, the program will put a lot of emphasis on the value of work placements. Instead of engaging in an ordinary internship, VNUK students will be able to deliver a consulting project to businesses in the work placement programme. With this approach, students have a chance to deeply engage in business activities. As a result, they gain real experience and have more advantages when applying for jobs.

• Teaching and learning in English

Students who do not hold an IELTS score of 5.5 will participate in the International Foundation Programme (including two specialty knowledge base modules) and 3 undergraduate modules in the first year. Students that have IELTS 5.5 or above just take 5 modules in the first year. From the second year onwards, all the modules will be delivered in English.


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