The mission of the VNUK undergraduate program of University of Danang is excellent in undergraduate educating. We shall be among the best (in the nation by 2020) in the quality of our undergraduate program, preparing our graduates for successful careers in engineering/science (working with real projects with industrial clients and partners, to have 25% of the total instructors from industry, full-time of 6 months in the industry), postgraduate education (quality of training activities, curriculum contents, and quality assurance towards ABET), and life-long learning (CSE as Can’t Stop Evolving spirit through four years of training and this spirit must be started by the team of outstanding instructors). Our program is to provide our students with very good classroom and hands-on instruction. Our educational mission shall be fulfilled by meeting the following set of objectives. Our graduates will:

  1. Be instructed by outstanding faculty, whose expertise covers a wide range of specialties, and who actively participate in research and development;
  2. Learn the fundamentals of computing through a broad set of required core courses that apply science and mathematics to engineering and business and others and require effective oral and written communications;
  3. Apply science and engineering fundamentals to a selected specialty of CSE, culminating in a significant design experience;
  4. Apply a variety of modern software tools and laboratory equipment to engineering design and analysis in an environment that emphasizes teamwork (normally a course is instructed by a few instructors to convey this spirit of teamwork);
  5. Explore the opportunity for significant extra-curricular undergraduate experience, through participation in research projects, industrial co-op, CSE student organizations, and engineering/business/social service to the community in order to better understand the societal impact of engineering activities;
  6. Exhibit the creativity and innovation needed for life-long learning in the rapidly changing field of CSE



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