Are you a potential biomedical scientist?

Currently, the demand of high quality human resource in Biomedical field has derived from the strong development in healthcare need of rapidly growing population for the whole country, development orientation of service sector including healthcare service of Danang city and other big cities in the world, and the newest achievements application of life science such as stem cell, genetic sequences and genetic modification in human for healthcare activities. Living conditions with environmental pollution factors and global climate change affect health and life of all the creatures on earth. Globalization can create and multiply new infectious and dangerous diseases. Therefore, the development of Biomedical Science is essentials with the hope to create more achievements for human to have a better life.

Biomedical Science, simply called the research activities over the issues relating to pathology and human health. This is a major including fundamental research, applied research or linear research to learn, support and develop knowledge in the field of medical, human health protection against diseases. The laboratories, research and teaching centres about Biomedical Science have been built and developed rapidly in different universities in the world, especially in developed countries like USA, UK, Germany, France, other European countries, Australia, Japan, South Korea and India. In Vietnam, with pretty high population (14th highest populated nation in the wolrd and forecasted to reach 111,7 million people in 2050) , healthcare need is rapidly developing. The demand in Vietnam for human working in the field of medical can reach tens thousand each year.

Generally, high quality training programs of human resource with deep knowledge about either modern biology and medical in Vietnam has started recently and has not been sufficient compared to practical requirements. Meanwhile, in developed countries, especially in UK, specialized training programs in Biomedical Science to meet the needs mentioned above have been being applied in many universities for the last 20 years.

VNUK Institute for Research & Executive Education (VNUK in short) with the mission to cooperate with top universities of UK in building up international quality programs for satisfying practical requirements in Vietnam, has responsibility and advantage to develop Biomedical Science training program. The development of this training program – one of the fundamental programs of life science – has been located in cooperative orientation signed from the beginning between founder of VNUK and partner from UK. Developing plan of this training program continued to be confirmed during working process between both sides since the day of establishing VNUK so far.

The main partner of VNUK is Aston University, located in Birmingham city – UK, one of the top centres within the field of training and researching Biomedical Science. The undergraduate program in Biomedical Science of Aston University belongs to top 5 of the best programs in UK based on student satisfaction (according to investigation in 2015). Particularly in life science, Aston University stands on the top 10 universities in UK about research quality (according to Complete University Guide 2015).

This is a program opened in Vietnam for the first time, with the cooperation and support from Aston University, UK, targeting to train excellent researchers, scientists in the field of health science with the desire to get new discoveries in disease prevention, protection and treatment for public. Therefore, this program has not been in current major code of Ministry of Education and Training. During building process of this project, VNUK had based on high reputation program of Aston University and simultaneously referred to several top programs in other universities in UK.

Students are taught by english for the whole course, equipped by the most advanced knowledge in Biomedical Science as well as series of transferrable skills valued by employers in global labor market.

 Training targets of Biomedical Science program are to provide students:

  • A continuous basis about fundamental principles in life science: biochemistry, molecular biology, genetic, microbiology, cellular biology and other important preclinical knowledge as well as advanced additional knowledge such as math in biomedical, biostatistics.
  • Ability to apply knowledge, research method and diverse working skill for solving practical problems in modern working environment.
  • Knowledge and problem solving skills in biomedical through new and flexible approaches to change and adjust according to certain cases.
  • Academic and intellect transferring skills for graduated students to make valuable contribution to work as well as society, be motivated to obtain positive attitude about development orientation and long-term studying for themselves.
  • Advanced english level and good knowledge of moral, cultural aspects in biomedical.

 Program advantages:

  • Highly international connection
  • Development of practically working ability
  • Full development of transferable skills
  • Fully taught by english


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