VNUK’s commitment to support the young talents in STEM

On 19th March, the Ministry of Education and Training held the final round of the National Science and Technology Competition, with VNUK as one of the sponsors. This competition was held at national level for high school students in any parts of Vietnam. The final round of the competition was located in Da Lat, Lam Dong province.

This year, there was a total of 239 projects, which demonstrates a huge increase by 22 projects, compared to 2016-17.

Dr. Hung, from VNUK, was chosen to attend the competition as a judge for the final, where he awarded the best ten teams with certificates and rewards.

The demand for people for jobs in science and technology is constantly on the rise, and shows no signs of slowing down, and so the overall aim of this competition was to spark an interest in high school students in the field of science and technology. The students’ task was to create innovative technological or scientific products, and by taking part in this competition, the Ministry of Education and Training are hoping that this experience will encourage students to begin to think with an innovative mindset for their future education and careers.

At VNUK, we are committed to supporting these students with interests in STEM students as they could become the future talent pool of VNUK, where we offer two science-based majors; Biomedical Science and Computer Science and Engineering.


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