Strengthened collaboration between VNUK and Aston University

During Dr. Geoff Parkes’ visit to VNUK, he met with the delegation of VNUK to discuss how to further and strengthen our partnership.

There were a number of topics that were discussed, including the STEM-B program, Data Analytics Master program, articulation programs for Biomedical Science and Human Resources majors, and the student exchange program for VNUK students of Computer Science and Engineering major.

The delegation of VNUK expressed their desire to launch a pilot of the STEM-B program to a Western STEM-B standard. The focus is to spark the interest in the young people of Danang to consider choosing a career path with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, incorporated with a business mindset.

The idea for the Data Analytics Master Program is to create a distance learning program, where students can study eight modules in total, four at VNUK and four at Aston, completed by a dissertation with Aston University being the main supervisor. This would be a great opportunity for students as having the distance learning program would greatly reduce costs for them and they would still be able to achieve an Aston University degree.

As for the other topics of discussion, Dr. Geoff Parkes is keen to remain focused on what VNUK currently offer, and to market the articulation programs in order to invigorate more interest from the students before building the programs further.


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