Julien Nenault

Cross-cultural Management

Work place:
Lecturer at Vietnam-UK Research and Training Institute.
+ 33629450371
    • Master in International Affairs, SCIENCES-PO Paris, France, 2001. Term Paper on European Cultural
    • Master in Management Programme (Grande école), EDHEC Business School, Lille, France, 1999.(Ranked in the top 15 business formations in the world by The Financial Times.).
    • Term Paper on Organisational Behaviour & Intercultural Communication.(One year exchange in Study Licentiate in Business Administration in Comillas Pontifical University,ICADE, Madrid, Spain.)
      Winner of national competition for “Grandes écoles” in General Knowledge, 1996
    • COORPACADEMY, France, 2014-2016 E-learning instructor and MOOC author, especially on Digital culture and strategies (Global vs Local Players overview, Big Data, Social Networks, The Mobile Revolution, Prospectives…), Management (New forms of management, Styles of leadership…) and Corporate culture (History ; Values and Practices…)
      Clients : ENGIE (French multinational electric utility company), SFR (French telecommunications
      company), RENAULT (French multinational automobile manufacturer), MARTELL (One of the oldest
      cognac houses, part of the French wines and spirits group, Pernod-Ricard.)
    • MRB CONSEIL, France, 2008-2014 Intercultural Management and Transforming Businesses Consultant.
      International Cultural Awareness. Change and Implementation Management. Stress management. Time management. Non-conventional Sources and Alternative Methods of Learning.
      Clients : SÉCURITÉ SOCIALE (Social Protection Institution in France), EDF (Leading electricity producer
      in Europe), SAHAM GROUP (Leading financial services industry in Morocco)
      Grant from French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to write on indian culture.
      Publications : ART INDIA (on contemporaneous art), PHOTO MAGAZINE (on photography), Score (on cinema), LIVRES HEBDO (on books), LA REVUE DE LA CERAMIQUE ET DU VERRE (on earth and fire crafts).
    • SOGECOM, France, 2001-2005 E-communication International Manager, specialized in cultural affairs. Main missions : Building up and training a team of web journalists for CONGO-BRAZZAVILLE GOVERNMENT, elaborating a platform of e-services for cultural and audiovisual communication in
      FRANCOPHONE PRE-UNIVERSITY OF QUEBEC, CANADA, intercultural management in the HONG-KONG section of the company.
      Editor-in- chief of a “Côte d’Azur” supplement of France’s first weekly news magazine.
      Integrally written and produced by students of EDHEC business school.
    • FRENCH, mother tongue.
      SPANISH and ENGLISH fluent. Reading ITALIAN. Notions of BENGALI and HINDI.
    • EDHEC Management School, Culture and Society section, as a guest of Anne Witte:
    • – On intercultural Management
    • – Interpersonal communication and management
    • – Cognitive behavioural analysis and management
    • SCIENCES-PO, Business Life section, as a guest of Olivier Bouchara:
    • – Business and cultural diversity in Europe
    • – Business in India
    • – Business in Africa
    • Alliance Française in New-Delhi :
    • – What is a european ?
    • – What is a french ?
    • MIDDLE-EAST: Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Occupied Territories, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey; SOUTH ASIA: India (Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Orissa, Tamil Nadu), Nepal, Sri Lanka ; SOUTHEAST ASIA: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar ; CHINA: Hong Kong and Shenzhen ; WESTERN EUROPE : France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece ; BALKAN STATES : Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina ; AMERICA : New-York, Florida, Québec, Mexico, Argentina


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