Established in the early years of the establishment of VNUK Institute for Research and Executive Education, the library of VNUK is serving the needs of research, teaching, learning and reference for lecturers, staff and students of the Institute.

The library of VNUK not only provides documents related to the teaching content of three main faculties in VNUK: International Business Management (IBM), Bio-Medical Science (BMS) and Computer Science and Engineering (CSE); the library also provides inspirational books to help the readers develop and enhance their personalities and select suitable choices for their own life. With different languages such as Vietnamese, English, etc…, the readers can approach and select appropriate documents easily.

With the diversity of documents, a nice, airy and quiet space, we create a comfortable place for our students in order to enhance the learning conditions in VNUK. Besides, the free wifi system in VNUK will help the students search for their materials for learning effectively.

Student Support Services

At VNUK, we always try our best to make sure that our students will receive necessary supports from academic issues to life issues in Danang. Let discover the support services for you in VNUK!

Academic affair:

The academic department of VNUK will support the key activities related to the student management from enrolment phase to graduation phase.

The key services:

– Enrolment

– Admission

– Academic policies

– System and student data

– Managing the academic programs and subjects

– Organising timetable

– Managing test scores and achievements of students

– Tuition and payment

– Examination and evaluation

– Completing the learning programs and graduation


Student life

We also give useful advices to encouraging spirit of the students and create a comfortable student life for them when they study in VNUK.

The key services:

– Visa and passport issues

– Accommodation

– Eating place

– Entertainment venue

– Sports centre

– Religion and culture issues

– Medical problems

For more information, please contact us:

VNUK Institute for Research and Executive Education

158A Le Loi – Danang

Tel: (0236) 3 64 65 77

Website: http://www.vnuk.edu.vn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vnuk.edu.vn                  Email: contact@vnuk.edu.vn



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