Tate & Lyle Scholarship Opens the Door to University Dreams for Rural Students

“If I hadn’t received a Tate & Lyle scholarship, my path to higher education would have been closed. I would have stayed at home to farm and get married like any other girl in my village of ethnic Tu people,” said VNUK Institute for Research & Executive Education (VNUK) student Hoang Thi My Linh – the newest recipient of the Tate & Lyle scholarship. 

Funded by the Tate & Lyle Group, the Tate & Lyle scholarship is available to outstanding students from underprivileged communities to study undergraduate and master programs at VNUK – the first international public university in Central Vietnam.

VNUK was granted eight Tate & Lyle scholarships for students of full-time undergraduate programs. Each $12,000 scholarship covers the whole course (4 years) of paid tuition fees and even provides students with nearly 3 million VND per month for living expenses during their studies. Over the past 4 years, VNUK has tirelessly sought out qualified candidates to receive the rewards of higher education.  

Miracles truly appeared for My Linh. Though the difficultly of financial challenges often close the path to further learning, Linh’s future has been illuminated by the prestigious Tate & Lyle scholarship and her outlook is bright at VNUK.


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