Welcome New VNUK Lecturer Susan Churchill

VNUK is honored to welcome our newest faculty member Susan Anne Churchill, lecturer in the Languages and Foundation Studies Department.

With 4 years of experience teaching English at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University in China, Susan has taught university students from the bachelor to doctoral level. She has achieved remarkable success as an excellent foreign language teacher from 2015-2019 while in China. When she visited VNUK, Susan found the working environment so professional and friendly that she decided to join our staff. 

Susan shared these observations from the first few days on campus:

“The teacher-student educational environment at VNUK is exceptional.  Students are center stage and preparing them to be successful in their academic and future career goals is central to VNUK’s mission. Vietnamese students are very warm and friendly, and I look forward to engaging with them both inside and outside the classroom. My desire is to make a difference in students’ lives by helping them become more confident, intelligible, and fluent speakers of English.  That is why I became an English teacher and have come to VNUK to teach English as a second language. Working together we can achieve our goals!”

We wish Susan a successful and long-term teaching time at the VNUK!

VNUK strives to provide students international training quality with excellent faculty of which 25% are experts invited from abroad, 25% are engineers invited from large enterprises, and 50% are experienced lecturers with doctoral degrees from countries such as England, the USA, and Australia.


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