VN-UK English Center

The VN-UK institution offers all students as well as potential students the opportunity to enhance and develop their English skills. Hosted and taught by foreign teachers, VNUK offers IELTS classes in order to gain the required entry level, as well as the Tea Time Talk club which engages with young people all over Danang in order to improve speaking in a fun and exciting way.

VNUK offers pre-entry IELTs classes in order to help students reach the required IELTS grade. Further to this evening IELTs classes are also held at the institution and are run on a 10 week time period. In the space of these four weeks reading, writing, listening and speaking are all taught by experienced, foreign, IELTS teachers so that you can receive high quality teaching.

The aim of our IELTS classes is to develop the learner’s’ skills and language knowledge to increase their IELTS score to 6.5 or better. A range of skills will be taught in order for students to understand how to improve their English. During reading sessions students will learn how to correctly skim and scan texts, follow arguments, understand relative and participle clauses as well as how to recognise opinions. Through listening exercises students will understand how to correctly interpret numbers and letters, as well as sentence comprehension and understanding directions, diagrams and maps. Another main goal of these courses is to significantly enhance speaking levels, this will be achieved through explaining test and assessment formats, as well as how to correctly pronounce vocabulary, the use of new vocabulary and how to organise opinions. Lastly, the writing course will inform students how to correctly structure a number of different arguments, as well as how to analyse and make comparisons to data and trends through charts.


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