This second module familiarizes the student with using English in the most common day to day business functions such as Telephone Basics, Scheduling Meetings and Appointments, Email Writing, and Conducting successful Business Meetings. This module, like all VN-UK International Business English Modules, will include “Real World” Business English labs to enable the student to use what they have learned in real world business settings.

Upon completion of this module the student will gain full confidence in using Business English in the most common, day to day business functions.

The objectives of the course are to equip students with the ability to:

  • Have full confidence using English on the Telephone for various business purposes including greeting customers, handling complaint calls and scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Have full confidence to schedule sales calls, business appointments (lunches, dinners, etc.), business meetings of all types and arrange business travel
  • Have full confidence to write professional, business emails of all types necessary for digital business communication.
  • Create, Plan, Schedule, Invite and Conduct professional Business Meetings of all types.
  • Continue to build a foundational Business English vocabulary necessary for basic Business interactions with western businesses.



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