In this third and final module the student will acquire the English vocabulary, methodology and skills necessary to give professional business presentations in English. The student will learn all facets of giving a presentation including: Knowing and defining the purpose of their presentation; Understanding of the intended audience (including Cultural differences and expectations); Research and Preparation; Structure (Introduction, “Grabber Statements”, Thesis, Main Body, Conclusion); Use of Technology and Visual Aids (Graphs, Statistics, etc.); Handling Q&A sessions with confidence.

The objectives of Module 3 are to equip students to:

  • Research, create and prepare professional business presentations in English.
  • Have full confidence to present professional business presentations in English in various settings such as small offices, conference rooms, classrooms and conferences.
  • Understand cultural differences when giving presentations in multi-cultural settings.
  • Build upon and grow the foundational Business English vocabulary necessary for giving professional business presentations in English.


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