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A ioint program between VNUK (Vietnam) and Nottingham Trent University (UK)

This joint MA programme involves study in both Vietnam and the UK. It is ideal for those aspiring to become English language teachers but who have no or limited prior English language teaching experience.


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Length: 1 year (3 terms)

Pathway: 1st term at VNUK, 2nd at NTU, 3rd is either VNUK or NTU

Total tuition fees: £7900

Deadline for application: 31/07/2020

Course Content
Careers and employability
Entry requirements


– Experience a comprehensive program that puts students in the center
– Acquire a combination of knowledge and practice in an engaging classroom
– Study with highly qualified teachers that care about the students 

– Cultivate your mind
– Enhance your teaching and soft skills
– Become a difference maker in a classroom

– Experience pastoral care and support
– Feel at home away from home with NTU community
– Build a network across the world



The course consists of 5 core modules and optional modules (180 credits)

A. Modules

I. Core modules:
1. Exploring English Language Learning and Teaching (40 credits) 
2. Describing English Language (20 credits)
3. Materials and Assessment in Language Teaching (20 credits)
4. Research Methods (20 credits).

II. Optional modules:
Choose one of the following modules worth 20 credits each*:
1. Blended Learning and Computer (Computer-Assisted Language Learning)
2. Teaching English to Young Learners;
3. Intercultural Communication;
4. Vocabulary;
5. English for Academic Purpose;
6. English for Professional Purposes;
7. Materials Development;
8. Teaching Speaking, Listerning;
9. Teaching Reading and Writing;
*Option modules are subject to demand.

B. Dissertation

The dissertation is worth 60 credits and it is a 15,000-word piece of independent work that builds upon the practical, theoretical and research skills of the MA course. It is an opportunity for you to follow your own interests, demonstrate your strengths and produce a rigorously researched dissertation on a specific subject.


Academic year:  2020/2021

Total tuition fees: £7900. Students shall pay £1900 to VNUK and £6000 to NTU at the time of enrollment at NTU.

Living costs: Living costs in Nottingham depend on your personal lifestyle and where you choose to stay. On average, the estimated monthly cost at NTU is £1015 including accommodation, bills, food, mobile phone, textbooks, travel (around Nottingham), and other expenses.






Careers and employability

This course opens your door to a world of opportunities including becoming a university lecturer, opening an English center, working internationally and working for international companies in various roles. This master degree includes a thesis which provides the opportunity to pursue a PhD or a research career.







Entry requirements

  1. IELTS 6.5 with a minimum of 5.5 in each component
  2. Bachelor’s degree (four years) with CGPA of 6.7/10 or higher, or 2.6/4 or higher


  1. Fill out and submit your Application Form. Please making sure you:
    • include as much relevant information as possible
    • upload evidence of the results you have achieved
    • write a comprehensive personal statement that highlights your skills and explains your motivation for applying for the course in question
    • stick to the 4,000 word character limit  – you can upload additional documents if you have more you need to say
    • provide the required reference(s) with your application.

    When you submit your application, you’ll receive an acknowledgement of receipt from NTU.

  2. Writing your application: It’s important to think critically and deeply when doing your application. Be comprehensive and accurate with information that you provide. Please include evidence of results that you have already achieved and a personal statement.
  3. Keeping up to date:After you’ve applied, NTU will send you important emails, so please checking you email regularly, including junk email folder. 

Please visit postgraduates’ guide to get more information and advice about applying to NTU.

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