1. Spring in the UK  

“What does the spring mean to you?” If I was asked this question several years ago, I could only reply that the spring would come when the Lunar New Year entered each Vietnamese house with plenty of food and the time for family reunion. However, after having chance to experience spring in the UK, my answer has changed a lot. The spring in the UK happens when….

The long- lasting foggy and cold winter would seem like it would last forever, and forever waiting for a sunny day. But in contrast, it taught me patience- for the better things from darkness, which would help me properly appreciate the beauty and true meaning of spring: “good things take time” is the saying that is most appropriate for this!

The spring in the UK is when day lasts longer than the night, where warm sunshine brings freshness and vitality to every aspect of life, and when many flowers blossom after their long sleep during winter. Spring comes with breathtaking beauty and brings the friendliness and peacefulness to life. The spring elegantly comes from each street, each corner, and each house. Even the atmosphere has a lovely scent, a scent of new life.

The spring in the UK owns its breathtaking beauty, which brings the friendliness and peacefulness to life. The spring elegantly comes from each street, each corner and

The first sign of spring in the UK is the image of Daffodil flowers blossoming across a vast area. Vietnamese students studying in the UK describes Daffodil flower as snow flower owing to the fact that when the weather is still extremely cold and snow falls down, the Daffodil flower start sprouting strongly and blossoming beautifully to send the signal that spring is coming.


Van Tran – Tran Ngo


British yellow Daffodils 


The spring in the UK is also the time for the Sakura blossoming. The Sakura in the UK is so big that British people call them under the name “Cherry Blossom”. I still remember how excited I was when walking along the pinky Cherry Blossom street for the first time in my life.


Cherry Blossom in the UK


Another flower that blossoms in spring is called the ‘Bluebell’ and is named the UK national flower.

Bluebells in UK woodland



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