Mentors from VNUK and UD collaborate with high school students on innovative solutions for a Smart City

​On Sunday, 11th March, VNUK held the final round of the U-Invent Competition, with five teams left to compete.
The U-Invent competition has been ongoing for two months, whereby students from high schools around Danang have been in competition with eachother to create the most useful and practical inventions under the theme “A Smart City” with Intel Galileo circuit boards. The competition was sponsored by USAID through the project US-COMET.

All of the teams produced highly impressive projects, but the decision was made to crown the PCT Inventors Team the winners of the U-Invent 2018!
In third place came C-Team, with their Robot Arm device. C-Team had the aim to find a way to make the lives of people with disabilities easier and better. The Robot Arm was created to help these people deal with everyday tasks. In second place was DNL, with their Smart Sewege System. This is an automatic system that reduces most of the accumulation of sewege in the sewers, which is a main cause of flooding. The Smart Sewege System is combined with a vacuum cleaner which protects it from risk of damage to the machine.
In first place was PCT Inventors Team, with BETTER project. BETTER is a smart transportation system that consists of two parts: assistance for blind people at traffic lights and help for preventing accidents in small alleys or cross roads that are
The judges were highly impressed with all of the passion and effort each of the finalists put into their projects, and especially how these young students thought about how their products could inspire and create opportunities for other people. The response from the candidates has been positive, as they believe that the experience of taking part in UInvent has helped them into becoming better designers and problem solvers, equipping them for their future careers.
Congratulations to all of the finalists, and a special congratulations to the winning team, PCT Inventors Team!


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