The journey of investigating cancer inhibitor treatment of a Vietnamese girl studying in America and her sharing at VNUK

On June 12th 2019, an academic  seminar was hosted with the topic “Deciphering Protein Network In Cell Mechanics”. This seminar was hosted every two weeks by the Journal – BMS club in VNUK.

Lecturers and students who are interested in Bio Medical Science was listened to the interesting sharing from Nguyen Thi Sao Ly –  PhD Student studying at Johns Hopkins University in United States.

Updating the lasted research, the speaker had shared her research related to the screening of substances and drugs that affects the role and activity of MyoII protein. In which MyoII is a protein that plays a role in cell structure, cell mobility, so the abnormal activity of MyoII contributes to the metastasis of cancer cells.

Therefore, it is necessary to find drugs or compounds that inhibit MyoII’s abnormal activity. She has screened 4-HAP capable of inhibiting the abnormal activity of MyoII, and she is continuing to study the physiological role of 4-HAP.

Sharing about the research, she not only introduced the mission of research but also provided the updated knowledge in the field of molecular and cellular biology as well as biochemistry.


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