The standard tuition fee applicable to students who are new to the University programs in academic year 2019 – 2020


Tuition fees per year

International Business Management (IBM)

– International Hospitalily and Tourism Management (ITH)

38.500.000 VND

38.500.000 VND

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

38.500.000 VND

BioMedical Science (BMS)

38.500.000 VND

Data Science (DS)

38.500.000 VND

6% maximum increase allowed per year

The tuition fees above do not include tuition fees for Physical Education and Military Training 
– Physical Education (4 credits): 275.000 VND per credit
– Military Training:
  + Tuition fee: 600.000 – 900.000 VND
  + Meal costs: 45.000 VND per day
According to the Ministry of Education and Training, students have to complete Physical Education and Military Training courses.


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