Why work at VNUK?


Our culture thrives on hard work, diversity, intellectual curiosity, innovation and teamwork.


Enthusiasm and passion, and working together to advance education and research is what makes our employees unique . Whether you’re a lecturer, a researcher or even part of the Academic team, here at VN-UK there is the atmosphere of goals, motivation and success. Our employees are always going that one step further to support each other and provide a nurturing environment.


We recognise and value the hard work that our employees put in, that’s why at VN-UK we have systems to reward our dedicated employees. Our culture thrives on hard work, diversity, intellectual curiosity, innovation, and teamwork.

VNUK staff’s testimonials?

“My colleagues at VN-UK were not only welcoming when I first began my career here, but they also made me realise the potential I could achieve through hard work and dedication. The passion within the working environment provides an amazing atmosphere that just makes you want to succeed in every possible way”Simran Breyal

“When I first started VNUK I immediately recognized that all the employees were extremely friendly, helpful and supportive. Everyone is open minded and therefore they create a dynamic working environment due to the range of innovative ideas that are always shared within the office”Bùi Minh Trang

“My colleagues are always willing to help to help, no matter what the issue is. The sense of teamwork is so strong and everyone is so enthusiastic about their roles within the Institute. I have many fond memories and have many positive experiences thanks to my colleagues”Lê Mạnh Linh

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