Soft skills training for students from MekongSkills2Work funded by USAID

On May 13, 2019, VNUK students and other member schools of The University of Danang participated in the soft skill training which helps to apply the tools from the MekongSkills2Work program funded by USAID to countries in the Mekong sub-region.

Based on the initiative of Texas A&M University, USA, the Mekong Region Connection Program for Education and Training (“MekongSkills2Work”) is part of the US-Comet project of the Development Agency. US International initiated these soft skills training sessions for students.

The session was attended by students from the schools of The University of Danang. Among them, Dang Minh Thang – a VNUK’s student – is the ambassador of the project, supporting soft skills training for members attending the training session.

The program aims to teach students soft skills, especially for freshmen who want to evaluate themselves, determine their strengths and weaknesses; therefore it will develop their weakness.


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